Non-Branded Virtual Tour

All your Virtual Tours start off non-Branded, and this is what you would use on MLS.

Non-Branded Tours will only display pictures / slideshows of the Property along with some other features, and that's about it.




Branded Virtual Tour

When you Brand a non-Branded Virtual Tour, you receive an alternate link that is Branded. (Generic Link)

Branded Tours allow you to display your own Profile & Contact info directly on the Tour. You can then use the Branded link to promote both Yourself and the Property.

You also get the option of housing your Tour on its own website.
(not a working link)

Branding Options

Generic Branding is free, and provides you an alternate "Branded" link which displays your Profile and Contact information directly on the Slideshow, Gallery and Walkscore sections of the Virtual Tour.

Special Branding costs $36+hst (1 year activation) and is similar to the Generic Branding option described above. However in addition to displaying your Contact info on the Virtual Tour, you also get the option of customizing the domain name (link) for the Virtual Tour. I.E housing the Virtual Tour on its own website.

Example: If a Property was located on 77 Main Street in Markham, the domain name can be [ ] or [ ].

Domain names are also easy to remember, easy to promote, easily searchable on Google, and gives your listing an extra special touch. So anyone who types in that domain name on their browser will immediately be directed to the Virtual Tour for that listing.

The Special Branding option also comes packaged with a Contact Form, that allows potential buyers to send you an email directly from the Branded Virtual Tour.

There is no technical knowledge required to setup a domain name, you simply input the domain name you want and submit the form. Everything else is taken care of from there-on.


Generic Branding

Special Branding

Displays Agents Profile and Contact Info Yes Yes
Choose what to display Yes Yes
Agent Contact Form Yes
Domain Type Generic Special

Domain type "Special" allows you to house the Virtual Tour on its own website. For example: (not a working link)

Processing Time Instantaneous 24 hours
Remains Active... until Virtual Tour is deleted for 1 or 2 Year(s)



$36+hst - (for 1 year activation)

Regular $49 (limited time 20% off)

2 Year activation for only $29+hst more
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