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Lets start with an simple explanation of what is a 360 degree panoramic spin. A 360 degree panoramic spin as the name implies gives the viewer a three hundred and sixty degree panoramic view of a given room or scene. The user can use their mouse or keyboard to rotate their angle of view within the 360 canvas, zoom in and out and get a perspective on the room or the scene.

A Virtual Tour on the otherhand is a combination of features that make up the complete Virtual Tour experience for a given property. A Virtual Tour consist of the the following (and more where applicable):

  1. A picture slideshow with music.
  2. The thumbnail picture gallery.
  3. Detailed map with Walk Score information.
  4. 360° panoramic spins (if requested)

So as you can tell, a 360° panoramic spin is simply a feature that is contained within the Virtual Tour, and forms part of the Virtual Tour experience.

Anthonys Virtual Tours offers 3 simple packages depending on the size of the Property.

A Basic Package, a Standard Package and a Deluxe Package. For all packages I will visit to photograph the property on the scheduled date and time.

With the Basic Package - Priced at $132.74+hst - You get upto 20 High Quality Pictures, as well as the complete Virtual Tour experience. This package is recommended for smaller units under 1000 to 1500 square footage.

With the Standard Package - Priced at $150.44+hst - You get upto 35 High Quality Pictures, as well as the complete Virtual Tour experience. This package is recommended for properties over 1500 to 2500 square footage.

With the Deluxe Package - Priced at $168.14+hst - You get upto 50 High Quality Pictures, as well as the complete Virtual Tour experience. This package is recommended for properties over 2500 square footage.

If additional pictures are needed, these can be added on for a low price of only $8.85+hst / per 5 pictures. You may also add 360° spins if needed, these can be added on for only $10.62+hst / per 360° spin

All your Virtual Tour packages also give you free access to the Self-service Feature Sheet maker. So you can easily create your own 1, 2, 4 or 8 page feature sheets.

To start off, a one-time registration is required with anthonysvirtualtours.com. After you register you can schedule your first appointment, and any consecutive appointments in one of three ways (1) Online (2) By email, (3) Or by phone. I will check my availablity and confirm the appointment date and time with you.

On the scheduled date and time I will arrive at the Property on time and begin photographing the property. After that I will head back to my office to edit the pictures and create an Online presence for the property via the Virtual Tours. After I have assembled the Virtual Tours, I will send you an email with the necessary links that will enable you to download the pictures for MLS and include the Virtual Tour link to the multimedia section of the Property's listing.

As the agent you now have full control of the Virtual Tour from the administration area where you may hide or remove pictures from the Virtual Tour as needed, and even add your own captions to any pictures. I will be available to support you every step of the way if needed.

After emailing you the link to the Virtual Tours I will email you the Invoice for my service. See the diagram below for a visual Walkthrough of the Process:

How it works:

Simply put your Virtual Tour never expires. It will remain online until the Property is sold, and can be removed by the Agent at any time after the Property is successfully sold. Once in a while anthonysvirtualtours.com will conduct an annual cleanup, and any out-dated Virtual Tours will be removed with the Agent's permission.
Your Virtual Tour will consist of a clean, responsive interface that is visually appealing and presentable to the potential buyer. It will always comprise of High Quality Pictures to showcase the Property, as well as 360 degree Panoramic Tours if needed. It also works perfectly well on mobile devices likes iphones or ipads. The viewer can choose to view a Slideshow of the pictures (with music) or view the Gallery showcasing all the pictures (full screen option available). The Potential buyer also has access to Walkscore maps, which shows the buyer the nearest resturants, grocery stores, coffee shops etc nearest to the Property. Also included as part of the Virtual Tour experience are Google Street View and Microsoft Birds eye View. Click here to see a sample Virtual Tour.

In addition to all that, you also receive full access to the Feature Sheet Maker, so you an quickly and easily create your own 2 or 4 page Feature Sheets on the fly.

Yes. All Virtual Tours are given to you Un-branded for MLS. You can later generate an alternative Branded link that displays your Profile and Contact information. You also have the option of housing your Virtual Tour on its own website. Click here to learn more
All Virtual Tours are created and hosted on anthonysvirtualtours.com
I will require at minimum 24 to 36 hours notice. Same day appointments can be made as well, if time slots are available. Please call for same or next day appointments.
Properties under 2300 sqft can take at-least 1.5 hours (one and a half hours) to photograph. If 360° Panoramic spins are also needed, then those could take a bit longer. In short the larger the property the more time I will need to photograph the property in its entirety.
After I create the Virtual tours, you will receive an email with links to your Virtual Tour. The email will contains links for the Virtual Tour, the Image download panel, the invoice as well as for the Virtual Tour administration.
An invoice will be emailed to you. Payment can be made by interac e-transfer, by Credit Card (indirectly through paypal) or directly through Paypal after delivery of the Virtual Tours.
After the Property is photographed, I will need some time to edit the Pictures and then create the Virtual Tours. Delivery time ranges anywhere from within 6 to 12 hours for smaller properties, and sometimes longer depending on the number of pictures and 360 Tours that are needed. The larger the Property, the more time will be required to edit the pictures and create the Virtual Tours.
You may start by Registering - click here to register. After you register you may call, email me or use the online form to book your first appointment.
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